Student accomodation

Euréquip manufactures furniture for boarding schools and student accommodation. We offer living areas with all the desirable conveniences in a limited space.

Student accomodation

Nos ambiances

  • Bedrooms

    Our Study & Design office creates innovative layouts and bespoke furniture to maximise space. Our turnkey package includes installation by our own team who deals with the fixtures and fittings, taking into consideration the specificities of each room.

    Collections Concerto & MadrasConception de mobilier sur-mesureCollections Prélude, Stag & Sledge
  • Communal rooms

    We offer creative and dynamic lounges thanks to a large choice of items and upholsteries. We also have a special range of products for dining rooms.

    HallSalle de restauration - Collections Star & Inox

Normes et certifications

  • Certification PEFC
    Certification PEFC

    L’ensemble des matières premières utilisées (panneaux et bois massif) sont issues de productions de fournisseurs conformes à la certification PEFC. La marque PEFC apporte la garantie au consommateur que le produit qu’il achète est issu de sources responsables et, qu’à travers son acte d’achat, il participe à la gestion durable des forêts.

  • CRIB 5
    CRIB 5

    This standard is related to upholstery and furniture coverings. The Crib test is a type of fire test that measures how resistant a fabric is to fire. Some fabrics are inherently Crib 5, they are made using flame retardants at the start of their life, whereas others are treated to Crib 5 level through retro-treating after their manufacture.