Social housing

Social housing is usually a temporary solution. To cover all its needs, we provide furnished accommodation combining sturdiness, functionality and privacy.

Social housing

Nos ambiances

  • Bedrooms

    We offer different types of accommodation, such as bedrooms, studios, as well as 2-6 bed flats. . We can offer you personalised furnished solutions in the style of your choice, according to your requirements.

  • Communal rooms

    Our modern sofa collection, stylish coffee tables and interior decorations create comfort and highlight areas for exchanges and sharing.

Normes et certifications

  • Certification PEFC
    Certification PEFC

    L’ensemble des matières premières utilisées (panneaux et bois massif) sont issues de productions de fournisseurs conformes à la certification PEFC. La marque PEFC apporte la garantie au consommateur que le produit qu’il achète est issu de sources responsables et, qu’à travers son acte d’achat, il participe à la gestion durable des forêts.

  • CRIB 5
    CRIB 5

    This standard is related to upholstery and furniture coverings. The Crib test is a type of fire test that measures how resistant a fabric is to fire. Some fabrics are inherently Crib 5, they are made using flame retardants at the start of their life, whereas others are treated to Crib 5 level through retro-treating after their manufacture.